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Access and Equal Opportunities Policy

Drafted: November 2015
Approved by DNHAS Board: December 2015
Due for review: December 2017


The Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society (DNHAS) are committed to treating everyone fairly and in compliance with the Equalities Act 2010. It will provide access to public facilities, collections and activities at Dorset County Museum without regard to age, disability, gender, religious beliefs, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political persuasion or marital status.


The DNHAS aims to reduce, remove or overcome barriers to learning and enjoyment of Dorset County Museum, to achieve an optimum level of access to the collections, and to enable the widest possible spectrum of people from all sections of the community to enjoy independent use of the Museum’s public facilities.

Key Action: Between 2015 and 2020 the Collections Discovery Centre project will aim to completely transform the facilities at Dorset County Museum. It will develop and deliver a modern building with full physical accessibility, open access storage and more intellectually accessible interpretation and display.


  •  To build accessibility into everything that we do to develop and improve the museum.
  • To undertake eliminate physical and intellectual barriers to access in accordance with DDA guidelines.
  • To continue to upgrade storage conditions to safeguard the collections for access by future generations.
  • To maintain the Museum’s opening hours.  The Museum is open to the public 6 days a week all year round.
  • To maintain admission charges at an affordable and competitive level.
  • To ensure the museum’s website is fully accessible to disabled people including those who may be using it with the help of special equipment.
  • To implement a programme of continuous improvement in all public areas of the museum.
  • To continuously conduct staff and volunteer training in all aspects of accessibility and equal opportunity, including the current DDA guidelines.
  • To regularly review our achievements and make plans for further progress.


The Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society is an equal opportunities employer. It aims to ensure that no job applicant, employee or volunteer receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, physical ability, ethnic origin, political persuasion, sexual orientation, social status, nationality, marital status or religion, nor is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

This principle will apply to recruitment, promotion, transfer, training, benefits, facilities, procedures and all terms and conditions of employment or volunteering. Selection criteria and procedures will be regularly reviewed to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. All employees and volunteers will be given equal opportunity and, where appropriate and possible, special training to progress within the organisation.


26/11/2015 JEM

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