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Archaeology Volunteer

About the opportunity

Role 2: Short Term Volunteer

We need a few volunteers to help us with decanting the Ancient Dorset Gallery during July. We will be doing this from Monday to Friday each week, working in teams of three. One of the regular Archaeology volunteers will be the team leader and record everything that is removed. The other two team members will be removing objects, wrapping them up for safe keeping and putting them in a box. Each team will work on one display cabinet at a time. You would need to commit to at least one half day per week for 3 to 4 weeks.

Role 2: Long Term Volunteer

We have a few vacancies in the Archaeology Department which is currently open every Tuesday morning. No previous Archaeology experience is needed for any of the following tasks. New volunteers will be mentored to increase their knowledge. Speed of work is not a vital part of these tasks. We put a lot more emphasis on attention to detail and accuracy.


  1. Addressing the paper archive. We have been going through the boxes removing all metal objects such as pins, staples, paper clips, treasury tags and lever arch files and replacing the contents in envelopes. We are 80% through the task but the person doing it has had to give up volunteering so we are looking for a replacement.
  2. Cleaning and marking artefacts. One new volunteer is needed to assist a current one.
  3. Cataloguing. We have been producing a detailed catalogue for six years and we are almost 20% through. We could really do with speeding this up a bit and we wish to start another team of two to do this.
  4. We have got to make a number of changes prior to moving into the Museum, including reorganising boxes and moving them around. We would be looking for one or two people to help with this task.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jill Minchin –

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