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Jurassic Coast

The rocks below our feet can tell us extraordinary things, including the fascinating 200 million year story of the formation of the world-famous Jurassic Coast.  This stretch of coast runs from Exmouth in Devon to Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. Perhaps you have visited Durdle Door, Dancing Ledge or Lulworth Cove. Maybe you have wondered how these beautiful and special places came to be?  This gallery walks you through the history of the uniquely beautiful Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic period is also famous for its dinosaurs and marine reptiles. While the coastline was forming, enormous carnivores were patrolling the deep seas. One of the most famous fossils ever found is here on display in the Museum; the Weymouth Bay Pliosaur.  The creature’s fossilised jaw measures an enormous 2.4 metres in length and is 155 million years old.  And there is plenty more on offer for dinosaur fans young and old (or somewhere in the middle!)

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