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Victorian Hall

The heart of the museum

If you are familiar with London’s Crystal Palace, you will feel its influence in this grand hall. Dating from 1883, the arches of fine cast ironwork are offset by the simple elegance of a single rose window pouring soft light down onto the exhibits below. Glance down, and you will see beneath your feet a genuine Roman mosaic floor (one of the very few in Europe you can actually stand on). An extraordinary feat of vision and determination, each tiny tile was excavated from local Roman town houses in the early 1900s, before being meticulously and painstakingly relaid here.

But it is not just the Hall itself you will want to admire. The exhibits you can see here are an eclectic mix of artefacts that reflect the wide variety of collections and objects that Dorset County Museum has to offer. Come on in, and discover them for yourself.

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16 - 24 June 2018

- Monday 25 June 2018 -

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The heart of the museum