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A Triumph! 100,000 visitors flock to see Dippy

Dr Jon Murden with Amelia and Benjamin and Sir Mike Dixon and professor Andy Fleet 

It’s been 8 weeks since Dippy the Diplodocus, the Natural History Museum’s iconic 26-metre cast dinosaur, arrived in Dorset on the first stop of his UK tour.  Today, 4-year old Benjamin from Poundbury in Dorchester was Dippy’s 100,000th guest.

Sir Mike Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum, Dr Jon Murden, Director of Dorset County Museum and Professor Andy Fleet, Chair of Dorset County Museum were in attendance as Benjamin and his mum Amelia crossed the threshold marking the giganotosaurus milestone.

To celebrate, Sir Mike Dixon, Dr Jon Murden and Professor Andy Fleet presented the excited 4-year old with a Dippy t-shirt and goodie bag overflowing with Dippy treats.

“We had hoped and half expected that the ‘Dippy On Tour’ exhibition would be the museum’s greatest ever exhibition but this has far exceeded our wildest expectations” says Dr Jon Murden.

John Fiori, Owner of ‘Horse with the Red Umbrella’ adds, “Dippy’s visit to the town has been fantastic, not just for me but many of the local business with footfall considerably up year on year. On behalf of The Dorchester BID company I would also like to congratulate Jon and the whole of his team - what an achievement!” 

With almost four weeks left before Dippy leaves Dorchester on Monday 7th May, visitors still have time to see Dippy in person and push this figure even higher.

Published by Dorset County Museum Friday 6th April 2018

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A Triumph! 100,000 visitors flock to see Dippy