We’re so close to opening your new Dorset Museum, with just the finishing touches left to buy.

Can you help tick some things off our shopping list?

Over the past two years, our builders, architects, electricians, gallery designers, and curators have been hard at work building, crafting, and creating your new Dorset Museum.

They’ve been busy conserving our internationally-recognised collections ranging from fossils to sculptures by Dame Elisabeth Frink, Thomas Hardy’s pens to Bronze Age axes and preparing them for display in fascinating new galleries, or moved to our Collections Discovery Centre.

However, like everyone else across the country, Covid-19 has had an effect on our plans. Our builders have had to abide by our social distancing guidelines, meaning fewer of them could be on site at one time. They’ve struggled to get hold of key materials, and other suppliers have been furloughed, slowing down progress. All this combined has meant that we have had to delay our opening by five months, and that the costs to bring the new Museum to life have increased.

We need your help, therefore, to furnish and fit out the Museum. We need chairs for the Library, racks for the collections store, and cases to display star objects. Will you donate today to help furnish our empty spaces?

You can make a donation to help tick things off our shopping list here.

Please don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation – it makes it 25% more valuable to the Museum at no extra cost to you.