The oldest chained anchor found in Dorset, and the earliest example found in Britain, is currently on loan to Poole Museum.

Bulbury Iron Anchor at Poole MuseumThe iron anchor, discovered at Bulbury Camp Iron Age Hillfort in 1881, formed part of a large hoard, dating back to the mid-first century AD. Its presence may indicate historic trade with Southern Europe before the Roman period. The anchor itself measures a huge 1.44 meters, with a link chain spanning an impressive 6.5 meters.

Earlier last year, the Bulbury Anchor went on loan to the Dumfries Museum in Scotland as part of the Roman Invaders in the Solway exhibition. Here it told the story of the Priestside anchor and the ships that carried Roman invaders to our shores 2,000 years ago. This was the first time that these two rare anchors could be compared.

The anchor, owned by Dorset Museum, is now on loan at the Poole Museum, where it will remain on display until the new Museum opens in 2020.

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