Your New Museum…Coming Soon

The last few weeks in February and the first two weeks in March saw tremendous strides being made towards the delivery of the Tomorrow’s Museum for Dorset.

Cases and Audio Visual Displays

In terms of construction of the concrete framework and base-build structures, time was gained back on the programme after minor delays caused by the winter storms.

This saw work on the second floor shell nearing completion, with the steelwork for the roof now on site. Elsewhere, a first round of prototypes of our showcases, plinths, object vitrines and Audio Visual displays was successfully produced for approval by The Hub and Armour Showcase Systems.

It was also full steam ahead in terms of object conservation, with the Fordington mosaic in the studios of Cliveden Conservation, and the finalisation of object mounts and graphics advancing well and to programme.

Of course, and in line with the rest of the UK, with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic the Museum are all now working remotely as far as possible or have been furloughed.

Gradually all our contractors and suppliers are working in accordance with government advice to ensure their operations support the social distancing recommendations and in areas have been forced to cease working completely. At the time of writing we are still assessing the impact of all this on the Museum and the Project. However, the reality is we will now not hit our late Summer 2020 reopening target. We shall overcome this setback though, have no doubt about it. In the meantime, please stay safe.

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